Quantum Block

Quantum Block

Decentralized ecosystem based on Ethereum blockchain

1 QTB = $1

Users: 2596



About Quantum Block

Quantum Block - decentralized ecosystem based on Ethereum blockchain. We are a team of programmers from Europe who wants to take the next step in the development of blockchain technology. We, like many don't like the total pressure of the governments which seek to restrict people's exchange and trade cryptocurrency. That is why we want to create a revolutionary decentralized ecosystem, including decentralized exchange and decentralized lending platform based on smart contracts. This will help people anonymously and safely dispose of their funds.

For the realization of our plans after conducting the ICO, we will focus on developing a quality product. If you agree with us and be patient with your investments can pay off many times within two-five years.

Contract address ERC20 token 0x9130790d79d7d739079369660a59b8bead6c1b4d

Name   - Quantum Block
Symbol   - QTB
Type   - ERC20
Total supply   - 16 000 000
ICO   - 12 000 000
Decimal place   - 8
ICO start   - 26 February 2018
ICO end   - 30 April 2018
Start price   - $0.03
Time zone   - UTC+1